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Website Maintenance

Web maintenanceWebsite maintenance is critical to the life of your website.

Search Engine Visibility

Websites that are not updated with great regularity simply don't seem as important to search engines. By updating your site frequently, you are effectively telling these search engine programs, often referred to as spiders or bots, that your website is dynamic, moving, ever-changing, and interesting.


Clearly, a website that is updated frequently will look as though it has a good deal more to offer potential visitors than a site that is updated once every six months or once a year. A frequently updated website brings people back to visit again. They know your site is a place where they can receive information on a topic that interests them.

When you choose J. Chris Brown Designs, you can be sure that your website stays updated.

Included in Maintenance:

  • Content updates
  • Software updates
  • Scheduled website back-ups